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Bachelor of Sports Management Degrees

My Degree and What it’s Good For

A Bachelor of Sports Management degree is good for someone with a passion for sports and some experience who wants to secure a career not on the field, but in the front office, strategizing and managing the business infrastructure behind a successful sports team. Human resources, finance, and accounting are all crucial to the sports industry, and a bachelor’s degree in sports management with an emphasis in one of those elements of business can be a great career booster. Bachelor’s degrees typically comprise around 120 credit hours, though many online colleges will allow you to transfer credits from another school, if you’ve already taken some classes.

My Earning Potential

Earnings for sports managers vary widely depending on a few circumstances. The region you work in, the level of organization, and your role within that organization, and other factors can all influence your pay. Generally, working as an agent for an athlete will earn you more than working as an accountant or HR personnel in an organization, but the work may also be more competitive. Agents can earn over $85,000 per year, where coaches and scouts only earn around $30,000, and “recreational workers” earn $22,000, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your salary will depend on the job you choose, and the field in which you become an expert.

Online Bachelor of Sports Management Degree Programs

Online Sports Management Programs

Those with a master's degree in sports management or athletic administration will be experts at the business of sports, and should be able to advance their sports management careers in a variety of settings, including college athletics management, recreational sport management, event management, sports finance, sports information, professional sport front office management, sports marketing, and more. The degrees described below are offered by the nation's top accredited online universities.

Northcentral University
MEd: Athletic Coaching
MEd: Sports Mgmt
Northcentral University : Northcentral University's Master of Education in Athletic Coaching and Master of Education in Sports Management are designed to enhance leadership skills, strengthen teaching and administrative abilities, and apply ethics and values to all aspects of athletics.,
Saint Leo University
MBA: Sports Management
Saint Leo University : The Saint Leo University MBA in Sports Management program prepares students for the dynamic and exciting field of Sports Management. The curriculum focuses on managerial skills and technical knowledge. Courses examine managing complex interactions and problem solving. Students learn leadership, communications, teamwork, and ethical practices, under a sports management environment.
Liberty University
MS: Sports Management
Liberty University : The MS in Sports Management online degree program from Liberty University teaches its students the skills needed to organize and administer athletic programs across a variety of different levels, from high school to college to the pros. The coursework completed within this program will focus on social and ethical issues pertaining to sport management.
Ohio University
MA: Athletic Admin
Ohio University : The MS in Athletic Administration at Ohio University provides a program that develops managers capable of becoming athletic directors. Ohio University designed this program in consultation with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association for professionals that wish to become leaders in interscholastic sports.
Adelphi University
MS: Sports Mgmt
Adelphi University : Students enrolled in Adelphi University's online MS in Sports Management program will find a trio of concentration options for their degree: sport leadership, sport hospitality management and sport non-profit management. Students will participate in capstone internship and thesis projects after completing core curriculum and concentration courses toward their degrees.