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25 Q&A Sites on Becoming a Sports Agent

If you want to become a sports agent, you may realize that there are details involved in this career that haven’t been answered in classes or even on the job. The following list of 25 question-and-answer sites on becoming a sports agent may answer those issues for you. Some sites answer general questions about what the job of a sports agent is like, but other sites answer questions that are more detailed. We’ve included a category where sports agents answer the questions themselves, so you can get first-hand accounts of the ins-and-outs of this exciting career.

General Questions


  1. Become a Sports Agent: This Web site answers such questions as: what is a sports agent, who do sports agents represent, what does a sports agent career include, and how do I start my sports agent career?
  2. Behind The Scenes: Being A Sports Agent: This article begins with a complex question about the first athlete to create an “advisory committee” that included agents, marketing and other business experts. Be sure to read the entire article, which is composed of questions and answers.
  3. How to Become: This Web site answers the questions, who are sports agents and what do they do, how much do sports agents earn, and how to become a sports agent.
  4. Ohio State Bar Association Website: The publication “Law You Can Use” answers questions about what an athlete should look for in a sports agent, what exactly a sports agent is, how someone becomes a sports agent, and what a sports agent does for an athlete.
  5. Questions Online: This website answers questions such as how do you become a sports agent, how do I become a sports agent with my business degree, which college course should I study under, what path should I follow.
  6. Sports Agent Directory: The Sports Agent Directory is an online directory of certified sports agents meant mostly for athletes, but in explaining sports agents to the athletes, it also gives information on why sports agents are needed, what they do and how a person can become listed as a sports agent.
  7. is a website about sports management that also answers questions about being a sports agent. They also provide resources to look into the life of a sports agent.
  8. Sports Management Worldwide: Sports Management Worldwide is a full-service sports agency that also offers a sports agent course (also referred to as an athlete management course). The questions posed here include inquiries into what to study, future salary propositions, jobs and how to find athletes to represent.
  9. Sports Agent Questions: eHow answers questions like what are the job duties, what is the necessary training, and what is the pay.
  10. Hockey

  11. Sports Management WorldWide FAQs: This site, which excels in sports business education, contains a section filled with questions and answers about becoming a sports agent.
  12. Pro Star Sports Agency Frequently Asked Questions: The questions on this site were taken from the NCAA Web site, and contain questions pertinent to the legality and function of a sports agency. It’s a FAQ sheet that any agent can learn from.
  13. Questions to Ask your Prospective Sports Agent: This page, which is on a legal site, proposes that many sports agents are lawyers who have generally been trained in the fundamentals of contracts and should be familiar with the current market value of their client relative to other athletes within the same sport.
  14. Sports Industry Jobs FAQ: This question-and-answer page is filled with inquiries about jobs, salaries and other details of the business, such as, “What are some of the perks available in the sports industry?” Sports Career Finder sponsors this page.
  15. Sports Agents / Financial Advisors Compliance: Although not a typical question-and-answer format, this site contains everything anyone would want to know about compliance with NCAA agent bylaws, policy and guidelines. The page goes on to cover the NFL, NBA, MLB and more.
  16. Browse Sports Agent Law Questions by State: Law QA offers an entire page filled with links all focused on law questions about sports questions categorized by state. To ask a Alabama Sports Agent law question, for instance, or a legal question in another practice area, simply submit your request below for review by’s participating attorneys to answer.
  17. Quora Open Questions about Sports Agents: Add your own question to this single-column forum focused on sports agents. Some questions include, “How do you go about being a sports agent?” and other questions are about the site. The questions range from basic to intricate.
  18. Wolf Sports Management Blog: This entire blog is filled with questions and answers about all types of sports in every situation imaginable. Topics range from agents and athletes to UFL football.
  19. Frequently Asked Questions for Form Series 2500 — Athlete Agents: This site is included to show how a state responds to various sports questions, especially about a special event. Each state carries different guidelines to becoming a sports agent, and Texas shows their responses in this question and answer site.
  20. High School Baseball Web Questions and Answers: The questions and answers on this site were developed to assist athletes, their parents and NCAA schools in the decision making process for Major League Baseball first-year player draft (2003). The page was formatted to apply directly to the individual who has been drafted.

Sports Agents Answer


  1. A Glimpse Inside the Sports Agent Business: Sports agents representing professional ice hockey players answer questions dealing with financially advising players, giving to the less privileged, the modern challenges sports organizations face today, picking from the player crop and overcoming language barriers.
  2. Apollo Sports Agents: This portion of the site is devoted to answering just a few questions about becoming a sports agent. The answers, however, are detailed.
  3. Interview with the Agent: Sports Agent Blog has a feature called Interview with the Agent where quite a bit can be learned about what an agent does. MLB, NFL, and NBA agents are represented. Just click on the names to find questions and answers.
  4. John Biggins, Sports Agent and Attorney [PDF]: John Biggins answers questions about his background, his job representing MLB and NFL players, and also a question about NCAA agents.
  5. Mr. Williams’ 6th Grade Class: The class interviews a professional sports agent, Jordan Robinson, managing partner at GRV Sports Agency based out of Orlando, Florida.
  6. The TSBX Special Report: So You Want to be a Sports Agent, Written by Caleb Mezzy, is an exhaustive report that contains the results of a survey he conducted among industry agents to find out exactly what the best methods were for becoming a successful sports agent.
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