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25 Best Sports Business Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Fans can’t seem to get enough sports online, especially when it comes to sports insider news, information about business deals and even sports law and marketing. These topics are as important to regular fans as they are to sports managers. The following list of blogs includes 25 of the best sports business blogs that you may not know about yet, as they were created during or after January 2009. You’ll find winners across the board, but some blogs already have gained a foothold in the online sports world.

The following blogs are listed by year and the links are listed by creation month.


  1. Tim This is an Australian sports blog dedicated to athlete management, sponsorship and media by an industry insider (January).
  2. The Sports Info Business: Follow the blog of a marketing and communications professional with 20-plus years of experience in the areas of sports management, business, technology, entertainment, and the non-profit world (January).
  3. The Sports Law Canary: Kris Lines is a lecturer and head of the Sports Law Group at Staffordshire University, UK. Jon Heshka is an associate professor at Thompson Rivers University, Canada. Together, they form the Sports Law Canary, mining the Web for nuggets of sports law, news and opinion (January).
  4. Daily Sport Thought: Professor Simon Chadwick holds the position of Chair in Sport Business Strategy and Marketing at Coventry University Business School, where he is also the founder and Director of CIBS (Centre for the International Business of Sport) (February).
  5. PR in Sports: This blog is dedicated to looking at all aspects of sports, from players, coaches, owners, teams and the media, in a public relations/marketing perspective (February).
  6. The Sports Business Exchange: This blog is the home of “intellectual thought for young sports business professionals.” This journal is an opportunity for professionals who are just starting their careers to express their insights on the sports business industry (February).
  7. Blog Maverick: Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur, visionary, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. Blog Maverick is his personal blog where he shares his thoughts on business, sports, and sports business (March).
  8. ESPN Chicago: A Web site for sports fanatics in the Windy City. They cover the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Fire and college and prep teams as well (April).
  9. National Sports Journalism Center: This is the blog for one of the most comprehensive sports media programs in the U.S. In 2010, the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association formed an official partnership with the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center based on the IUPUI campus, and this blog is the result (April).
  10. Sports Management ClassThe Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Blog: The New York State Bar Association’s Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section’s more than 1,600 members represent varied interests, including some of the sexiest issues grabbing headlines being debated in Congress and being heard by the courts (April).
  11. Synergy 101: Synergy Events is an award-winning event marketing agency that specializes in mobile marketing tours, PR Events, PR Stunts, Product Launches and Sponsorship Activation Programs. Partners include industry leading brands, PR agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and professional sports leagues and governing bodies (May).
  12. An Athlete Marketing Guy: Sports marketing thoughts from BDA Sports Management’s chief marketing officer, Bill Sanders. He started this blog to encourage thought and discussion of current events and how they impact the world of sports marketing (October).
  13. Gravity Sports Management: Gravity Sport Management’s goal and dedication is aimed at the professional development of young sports talents who have the willpower, strength, discipline and the champion’s mindset and attitude that is the basis of all. Combined with an individualized program and supported by specialists we provide the basis for development, growth and acceleration (November).
  14. MLS Insider: Blogging major league soccer from the side lines, cubicles, locker rooms and board room (November).


  1. Sports Biz with Darren Rovell: Darren Rovell offers his unique take on sports business: a multi-billion dollar global industry and obsession full of personalities and products. Rovell provides up-to-date take on everything from salaries to endorsement deals to marketing and promotions, trades and tirades — in short, everything that makes sports so exciting (January).
  2. Action Replays: Not exactly the prettiest blog in the world, but the content is stellar. This blog, created by Sports Marketing 2.0‘s Alan Seymour, is a new sports marketing blog for students academics and practitioners (February).
  3. Jobs in the Sports Industry: Sports jobs, sports career advice and tips on how to break into the sports industry. Run by As Work In Sports continues to expand its services and network, it will always remain true to its goal of providing job seekers access to the best collection of jobs and internships in the sports industry and employers the ability to use the most effective hiring solution available (February).
  4. Sports and Social Change Blog: The goal for this blog is to create a resource to serve both sports industry professionals who are looking to include cause marketing in their programming, and the casual sports fan who’s interested in supporting a favorite sport, team or athlete’s charitable causes (February).
  5. Seattle Sports News Insider: From Marnier mayhem to news about the Seahawks, this blog tries its best to cover the news from the inside. You can follow, also, on Twitter or on Facebook (March).
  6. Play The GameTrimble Outdoors: With Trimble Outdoors, you can use your cell phone for hiking and backpacking, road cycling and mountain biking, walking, fishing and boating, geocaching, and other popular outdoor activities (April).
  7. Sportsnewser: Mediabistro staffers have debuted this blog, which focuses on breaking news and analysis of the sports media business. The blog will also feature interviews with prominent broadcasters, athletes, and industry executives (August).
  8. Mr. Rollins Sports Marketing and Management Blog: This blog is a place where all of Mr. Rollins’ sports marketing students share their opinions, comment on topics, and gain access important class information (September).
  9. Razz & Jazz Sports Blog: The Razz and Jazz Sports Blog was launched by Marc “Razz” Rasbury and Derrel “Jazz” Johnson.Derrel and veteran sports writer and photographer Marc Rasbury launched the Razz and Jazz Sports Blog, covering the major New York teams from a fresh angle and offering well-thought-out opinions(September).
  10. Sports Image — High School Sports Marketing: Having a passion for sports and growing bored in the corporate world as an engineer, Eric Horstman had always dreamed of combining his interest in sports with a career. In 2009, his business began selling sports marketing franchise opportunities across the country (November).
  11. rEvolution Blog: rEvolution, an independent sports marketing and media agency, made a quiet launch of their blog at the end of 2010. They created the blog to address the challenges, rewards and pitfalls of the sports marketing world from the perspective of brand marketers (December).
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