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5 Free Online World Cup History Videos Worth Watching

The global soccer arena is getting heated up as the FIFA World Cup 2010 date is approaching; we are nearing the event that is scheduled to be held in South Africa in April 2010. To help alleviate the anxiety of waiting, we have provided some of the best video clips from previous FIFA World Cups as to warm you up for coming event.

  1. Top 50 Best World Cup Goals in History: This video is about the best goals ever scored in the history of the World Cup and is good curtain raiser for the World Cup that is about to take place in South Africa in April 2010.
  2. Canada’s 1986 Soccer World Cup Journey: The 1986 FIFA World Cup, the 13th staging of the FIFA World Cup, was held in Mexico from May 31 to June 29, but it was very exceptional for Canada, as it was the only World Cup that was played by Canada. This video is all about how Canada makes into the FIFA World Cup in 1986.
  3. FIFA World Cup Final 1938: The FIFA World Cup final was the third staging of the World Cup and scheduled in France from June 4 to June 19. In the finals of the cup, the match was played between Hungry and Italy; Italy defeated Hungary four to two. This video shows that defeat.
  4. FIFA World Cup 1986 – Soviet Union vs Belgium: The 1986 FIFA World Cup, the 13th organization of the FIFA World Cup was held in Mexico from May 31 to June 29. Originally, it was supposed to be held in Colombia, but it was later moved to Mexico due to economic reasons. This is an exciting clip of a match played between Soviet Union and Belgium.
  5. World Cup 1958 Final: The 1958 FIFA World Cup was the sixth staging of the World Cup; it was hosted by Sweden from June 8 to June 29. This World Cup is known for introducing legendary football player Pele. In the finals Brazil defeated Sweden five to two.
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