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25 Most Memorable Moments in Pro Sports History

Every pro sport, over time, contains moments that seem to stop the world in its tracks. Broken records, brutal attacks, and astounding feats despite injuries can take fans’ breaths away. There are so many such moments in pro sports history, but the following twenty-five accomplishments have shaken the world in one form or another. Most of these moments are connected to a person who represented a sport at its best. There may never be another Tiger Woods, Joe Namath, Wayne Gretzsky, or “Magic” Johnson. There may never be moments like the “Immaculate Reception,” or the time Joe Lewis became a national hero because of a 124-second knockout that personified the rivalry between nations. Any sports manager would salivate for those moments, although some moments aren’t that great, and even a movie can change a sport forever… Continue reading

25 Q&A Sites on Becoming a Sports Agent

If you want to become a sports agent, you may realize that there are details involved in this career that haven’t been answered in classes or even on the job. The following list of 25 question-and-answer sites on becoming a sports agent may answer those issues for you. Some sites answer general questions about what the job of a sports agent is like, but other sites answer questions that are more detailed. We’ve included a category where sports agents answer the questions themselves, so you can get first-hand accounts of the ins-and-outs of this exciting career. Continue reading

30 Unique Career Paths With a Sports Management Degree

Who wouldn’t want a job in sports? Sports entertainment is big business, with a number of opportunities to meet interesting (and famous!) people. However, many people wonder how they can start a good career with a sports management degree. Many of us immediately think of agents when we think of sports management, but such jobs can be frustratingly difficult to get. The good news is that there are a number of paths you can take when it comes to sports management.

Instead of going the “obvious” routes of becoming a GM or acting as an athletic agent, you can choose a more unique career path. You might find a good salary — and find yourself competing against fewer people. Here are 30 interesting career paths to consider if you want a sports management degree:

Continue reading

30 Indispensable BlackBerry Apps for Sports Superfans

When it comes to keeping up with the latest sports news and headlines, it can help to have the right BlackBerry applications. If you are involved in the sports industry, it is even more helpful to have a BlackBerry. The BlackBerry applications available to you can help you keep up with the latest trade headlines, and what is happening in the world of sports.

You don’t have to be involved in sports management to benefit from BlackBerry applications designed to help you stay up to date on the latest sports news. Most sports superfans can find that a BlackBerry app offers just what they need. You can make use of technology to get information, no matter where you are. Enjoy the headlines on your favorite teams, and keep up with trades, personal news and more when you use these 30 BlackBerry apps for sports superfans:

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25 Best Sports Business Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Fans can’t seem to get enough sports online, especially when it comes to sports insider news, information about business deals and even sports law and marketing. These topics are as important to regular fans as they are to sports managers. The following list of blogs includes 25 of the best sports business blogs that you may not know about yet, as they were created during or after January 2009. You’ll find winners across the board, but some blogs already have gained a foothold in the online sports world. Continue reading

17 Eye-Popping Infographics Every Sports Fan Should See

After gazing intently at numerous sports infographics on the Web, we learned that most of the amazing and eye-popping infographics are produced outside the U.S. as hand-drawn graphics, inside the U.S. for newspapers, and through statistics designed visually by individuals who delve deeper than we’d ever go into any sport. The following 17 infographics are the best of the best, and they’re ones that every sports fan should see. Continue reading

Top 20 Professional Sports Leagues Which Failed Miserably (or Hilariously)

One of the ways that athletes can show their prowess is to compete against others on a similar level. As a result, sports leagues are formed to give athletes a chance to compete. Managers, athletes and others get involved to try and help the league gain popularity so that it is profitable and viable. However, some sports leagues just don’t make it. They have poor planning and management, or, in some cases, it just really wasn’t a good idea in the first place. Here are 20 professional sports leagues that failed: Continue reading

50 Sports Insiders Worth Following on Twitter

Do you ever wonder what’s going on behind the scenes in the NFL or the NBA? While you can follow individual players or individual sports teams and other sports figures on Twitter, one of the best ways to get “insider” news is from the media, including journalists, sports agents, managers, executives or from rumors. That’s why we’ve compiled this list for you — 50 sports insiders that are worth following for all the juice on your favorite sport. Continue reading

5 Free Online World Cup History Videos Worth Watching

The global soccer arena is getting heated up as the FIFA World Cup 2010 date is approaching; we are nearing the event that is scheduled to be held in South Africa in April 2010. To help alleviate the anxiety of waiting, we have provided some of the best video clips from previous FIFA World Cups as to warm you up for coming event. Continue reading

Online Masters in Sports Management

Masters in sports management offers an opportunity for you to gain specialized knowledge and skills in any field of interest in sports management. This kind of careers are involving and most professionals lack the time needed to attend lessons as much as they would want to do the masters degree. However, many people have attained Masters in sports management without going to a classroom and this is because of the online schools that offer online Masters programs in sports management.

Online Masters programs in sports management are very much recognized just like the others since whatever is taught is just the same as what the traditional classes teach and this can be ascertained by looking at their course outlines. The only difference between these two is the mode of teaching as with the online programs, the tutors and students do not have to meet physically. Online masters in sports management programs have contributed to the high number of people enrolling in masters every year since they provide flexibility especially for the working professionals.

With the online sports management masters, you can do everything online, from the application to the admission and studying. The good thing is that online masters programs are available in many areas of study so whether you would want to be a coach, a trainer, sports agent, lawyer or director, you will still get a program to suit your needs. The number of schools offering the sports management masters programs are also many and they are among the top ranked online schools. This gives you a perfect chance to select one basing on your own criteria.

Something else that should give you more reason to enroll for an online Masters in sports management is the fact that you can get financial aid to finance for your studies. There are many sports organizations that offer scholarships and grants or loans to interested students and you can take advantage of this. The federal government also offers some financial aid to selected schools that you may now want to check out.

If you want a better salary with a Masters in sports management, make sure you go for the best degree program as well. There are lists of the best sports management degree programs available online which you can have a look at. To be successful in this field, you also need to know the ethics and communication techniques that must be adhered to.